Kites are the perfect sport gear for everyone, the whole family,
for old and young, for all seasons and all occasions, they have
even been used to reach the south pole.

A kite can become your best friend but we may not forget that kites
can be dangerous if they are held by the hands of unexperienced pilots.
Kitelines can become cutting edges if the pilot is not able to control the kite,
it can seriously hurt people around and even the pilot itself.

Bevor you start kiting you should visit a course for beginners.
In this course you will learn how to handle and control the kite,
to choose the right kite for the actual wind conditions and you will learn all
about the minimum safety rules that minimize the risks for all.
Ask your local dealer for more infos.

Paraflysurf offers workshops on weekends to all our customers for free
because we want to make this fascinating sport safe.
The courses are held by an Aviation Engineer that teaches you
everything you need to know about aerodynamics and flight mechanics.
There are courses for everyone. If you visit the course "Beginners" or
" Special handling for experienced pilots", you will always learn something new,
meet new people and have a lot of fun.

We hope we can welcome you in one of our couses and teach you
the first steps into a bigger world.


Your Paraflysurf Team