ABOUT US          

Paraflysurf is a company that wants to make good things better
and if there is no good thing to improve, we design our own products.   
Sometimes equipment is good, but not good enough.
But we are never satisfied with what we get, thats why we always
try to push the limits.

The first limit was the turn rate of softkites in 2001.
Paraflysurf 's answer was the legendary SPIDER-Competition bar.
With the SPIDER-C the turn rate of every kite increases dramatically.
It has two independent safety systems working with back stall
and front stall and you can switch from 4-line to 2-line steering inflight.
With a SPIDER-C your kite  turns as fast as you want and not as fast as it can.

Paraflysurf was the first company that designed a real Depower System
for softkites called UDS in 2001.
Most softkites have the tendency to get a bad turn rate in depower mode.
The reason is a bad designed depower system that tries to be as easy as
possible for the pilot but it does not support the wings needs.
The UDS gets the maximum performance out of every wing.
We started with the UDS-I, for handle use, followed by the UDS-II for bar use
and the UDS-IIvari for both. In 2006 we brought the last generation,
the UDS-III with the smart Override for A-, B-, C- and D-section kites.
In lot of studies we found out that a four line steering with
handles was too complicated for some kite beginners.
Thats why we designed the SPIDER-Sling. First only for our own courses
but as we saw  how much better and faster the beginners increased their
kiting experience with this tool, we began to sell it in our shop.

As the Bow kites come to market, everyone said they are a revolution,
but indeed they showed that the rest of the market had slept for too long.
The wide depower range was a good safety argument and the C-Kites
had nothing comparable. But that does not mean that "Bows" are good
and C-kites are bad.

Thats why Paraflysurf developed the DPS-Depower Pulley System
for Inflatables in 2005. Now you can have the same depower range
with an "old" C-Kite as with a brandnew "Bow" !
We are using 5th-lines on Bow kites since 2005 but there are companies
that sell it as their new ideas for 2007.
After the first 5th-Y-lines appeared on the market we introduced
the floating Y-with a pulley for better turn rate.
That was in early 2006, but you can now read in the prospects
that it is new for 2007.

What ever we designed, Paraflysurf was always one step ahead.
In 2004 our Team became World Champion in Snowkite-Race Ski.
Before every Powerkite company had the opinion "they dont need
Depower Systems" on High Performance kites and most of the
"High Performers are not depowerable".
But after our Team Rider Michi Kaspar won race after race with
his UDS-tuned U-Turn Nitro and PKD-Century and became
World Champion 2004 after he already won the Swiss Championship
in 2003, they all began to work on similar systems. With no results
until today as we all know.

Paraflysurf will go on pushing the limits.
Sometimes we are pushing too hard and some pilots might be confused
by our tuning systems, but if you want to be the best, you need
the best equipment, and if you can not handle it, you have to excercise.
If you are too lazy to excercise, and if you are easy to satisfy,
you can go on with your standard equipment.

But if you are not, you will find some interesting tools here
that help you pushing your own limits and win.

Your Paraflysurf Team