The DPS-Depower Pulley System has been designed for people that want to
stay with their C-Tube-Kites but also want all advantages of a Bow-Kite.
With a DPS-System your "old" C-Kite will have the same depower range as a brandnew Bow kite.
This will give you more safety in gusty conditions and in serious danger.
But you can as well add the DPS to a Bow-Kite as it offers you a higher performance.
All your kite needs is a connector for a 5th line or better two connectors
to have an Y-ending on your 5th line.

The DPS is completely integrated into the bar, there are no changes on the kite itself.
By this you need only one DPS-converted bar to have 100% Depower on all of your inflatable kites in your quiver.
You can safe a lot of money with the DPS instead of buying a few new kites to feel safe.


With the DPS your kite will have :

- 100% Depower  (even in the Power Zone in the middle of the wind window)

- more max Power up to 120% ( depending on your kite geometry )

- higher turn rates in depower mode

- 100% Power while comfortable "Power"-cruising with released bar (120% setting)